08/01/2021 : Virtual Travel in France with Wenzao Students

 WIthin the framework of the Virtual Travel in Europe Activity, we brought "virtually" university students to France and showed them the beauty of different regions and French culture.


20/11/2020 Lecture on "Digital Health in the EU" (歐盟中的數位醫療健康)

 WIthin the framework of a Lecture Series on EU at the digital Age, we made a presentation entitled:

EU Digital Strategy and the Health Sector : Great ambitions....but numerous challenges and questions

Link: https://a001.wzu.edu.tw/article/488248   


With students enrolled in the Jean Monnet Module on "EU and Environmental health"

 The "EU and Environmental Health: Policies, Achievements and main Challenges" course is heading towards its 2nd year Let's welcome these 11 students to join the course!

Link : http://jean-monnet.envihealth.wzu.edu.tw/ 


First time EU Erasmus + Jean-Monnet-Module (JMM) at Wenzao University!

The results of the Call For Proposals 2019 EAC/A03/2018 Erasmus+ Programme from the European Union were announced recently. 

We are very pleased to announce that the JMM project applied by Dr. Vincent Rollet (Graduate Institute of European Studies (GIES)) and Dr. Armin Ibitz (Director of EU Center & GIES) received approval. Out of a total of 1,315 project applications globally, some 251 received funding from the European Union. For the 2019 application round, it was the only EU approved Erasmus+ project for Taiwan.

Dr. Vincent Rollet and Dr. Armin Ibitz with Wenzao University President Margaret Mei-Hua Chen

For the first time, Wenzao University will host a European Union co-financed Jean-Monnet-Module. The project with the title "EU and Environmental Health: Policy, Achievements and main Challenges" will run for three years.

(From left to right) : Dr. Chang Shoou-Huey (Library director and former Dean of the College of European and Asian languages), Dr. Chen Yu-Chun (Director, GIES), Prof. Vincent Rollet (GIES), President Margaret Mei-Hua Chen, Dr. Armin Ibitz (Director of EU Center Wenzao, GIES) and Dr. Chuang-Ching Tung (Dean of the College of European and Asian languages).

More information about the project can be found under: http://jean-monnet.envihealth.wzu.edu.tw/


2019/28-/06 - 24/07 : Participating to the European Summer Program at Catholic University of Lille (France)

 Teaching a course entitled : "Introduction to European studies : History, Politics & Society to students coming from different countries including Mexico, USA, India, Taiwan, Canada, China and Argentina.

Outdoor activities with participating students. Visit to the Lille European Metropolis Office (MEL)

With Wenzao Students and Interns enrolled in the European Summer Program


Study Trip to Hanoi, Vietnam (19-21 June 2019)

From June 19th to June 21st , 2019, Prof. Vincent and students taking the course on “EU’s Foreign Policy” have conducted a study trip to Hanoi, Vietnam.
During this study trip they met and discussed with the EU ambassador in Vietnam as well as officers from the EU delegation in Vietnam working on different topics such as development, energy, trade, human rights, democracy and public health.
They also met with the director of the Institute of European Studies affiliated to the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and several other scholars working on EU/ASEAN/ Vietnam relationship.
At the invitation of the EU Ambassador in Vietnam,  they also had the opportunity to participate to a conference on “EU’s future after the European elections” during which students asked several questions related to the topic.
2019 年 06 月 19 日至 06月 21 日,本所羅文笙文教授(Vincent Rollet)執行 108 年度高等教育深耕計畫,配合「歐盟對外關係專題」專業選修課程,帶領九位學生赴越南河內進行海外研習。

With the EU Ambassador to Vietnam / 與歐盟駐越南大使合影
Discussion with  the EU Ambassador to Vietnam / 與歐盟駐越南大使進行會談

With EU officers of the Development and Cooperation Section / 與歐盟發展與合作部門官員會談

With EU officer from the Political and Press Section / 與歐盟政治和新聞部門官員合影

With EU officer from the Public Health Section / 與歐盟公共衛生部門官員合影

With Director and scholars from the Institute of European Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences / 與越南社會科學翰林院歐洲研究所所長及學者合影
Lunch with Director and scholars from the Institute of European Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. / 與越南社會科學翰林院歐洲研究所所長及學者共進午餐。



Visit of the European Economic and Trade Office (Taipei) and of the Control Yuan

On May 24th, 2019, Master students and I visit the European Economic and Trade Office in Taiwan for an interesting discussion with EU officials working in Taipei on the role played by the EU in Taiwan.

In the morning, we went to the Control Yuan for a discussion on Taiwan's Public Diplomacy with Ombudsman Peter Chang.

2019 年 05 月 24 本所羅文笙(Vincent Rollet)教授執行「文藻外語大學補助提升教學成效暨創新課程」計畫配合「歐盟對外關係專題」課程,帶領研究生前往監察院(Control Yuan)及歐洲經貿辦事處(European Economic and Trade Office in Taiwan)參訪。活動上午拜會監察院期間,除深入了解監察院歷史沿革外,研究生更有幸與監察院外交與僑務委員會擔任召集人張武修教授一同進行公共外交座談會,會中研究生以小組形式,分享其對公共外交政策之見解,張教授亦談到對總統推動公眾外交策略的建議等相關公共外交議題,與會期間師生獲益良多。下午羅教授則帶領研究生前往歐洲經貿辦事處參訪。